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About me? I'm a middle-age teacher, writer, programmer, devoted husband, father and alpha-dog wanna-be. My free time activities include daily Yang Style Taijiquan 24-movement Short Form practice. I'm currently learning the Chen Style 19-movement short form from a local teacher. I also force myself to do daily flexibility training, and my morning Vipassana meditation practice. A favorite quote comes from the Dalai Lama: "Kindness is my religion." A quote which I use to guide my behavior: "You don't have to be a Buddha to act like one." At this site you will find some information about my writing and programming activities, along with some very cool information about our mind-boggling universe.

Freeware Programs At This Site

I started coding PAX Chess in 1996 as a 16-bit DOS text mode program for laughs...and PAX has gradually grown over time into a quirky 32-bit multithreaded perpetual work-in-progress built using Microsoft's Visual C++ and its indispensable Foundation Class Library. PAX is a recreational / research related programming project. Its play strength trend is improving, but there are still many many bumps in the road up ahead. Have fun when playing PAX and please feel free to send all comments about move selection and the user interface my way. Enjoy!

  PAX Chess (~234K zipped)  (Latest Build:  11.17.01 am )

New messaging system in progress which will help to visually debug code when the first iteration of weak learning is installed.

PAX playing White is still DISABLED.

PAX's Knowledge Base 2.5 (~2.0 meg zipped ) (16 February 2001 PM)

  Latest WAV files(~28k) ( 5, November, 2000 AM)

PAX Chess is an exploratory chess program.  The cognition code and learning code will be based on the ideas presented in Developing Games That Learn. My publication credits page contains more information about this book.

Trickle Down

Trickle Down, a  four-in-a-row genre program played on an 8x8 matrix is designed to run on Win95/NT can be obtained from the download page. The hallmark of this game is that it learns from its experiences. I co-developed the move generation engine with Narendra Ghosh and used BC++ 5.0 with OWL to generate the user interface. The code and underlying theory which implements single trial learning is presented in Developing Games That Learn, published by Prentice-Hall PTR in 1996. A discussion of the theory can be read in M. Swaine's review of the book in the August 1996 issue of Dr. Dobbs Journal.

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